26 Jun Sara & Rich – Pittsburgh, PA


Wedding at Carnegie Museum of Art
First thing that needs mentioning: the location. Filming in one of the most beautiful Pittsburgh venues, The Carnegie Museum of Art, was incredibly exciting, and Sara and Rich’s love for each other was on display as much as any of the museum’s exhibits. The vibe of Carnegie also perfectly framed Sara’s beauty and sophistication in her Tony Ward wedding dress. Paired with Rich’s classic black tux, the couple was a picture of perfection. How many art museum puns can I fit into one description? I feel like a few more, but I’ll restrain myself. It rained the day of their wedding, which we always love. It makes the day more interesting, the vendors work harder together to pull it all off; and usually, the sky opens up after the storm for the best portraits. It was also a pleasant surprise for us to see that their officiant was none other than Sandra M. Monahan, who married us just a few years ago! Always good to see you Sandy! (I actually don’t know if she goes by Sandy even, but I feel like when someone officiants your wedding you can call them by a nickname. I mean we’re close enough for that now, right?)

Venues: Carnegie Museum of Art
Officiant: Sandra M. Monahan
Florals: Allison McGeary
Photography: Araujo Photography
Music: The Protégé Band
Hair: Lee Ann Boersma
Makeup: Jana Ohler
Dress: Tony Ward Bridal