11 Apr Planning a wedding? Videography needs to be on your must-have list, here’s why:

You’re engaged! Hurrah! We hope you’ve spent at least a month showing off that ring, dreaming of wedding colors, florals, dresses, and basking in the fun of being engaged, because after that it’s time to plan. And planning can sometimes be extremely stressful. In the giant world of wedding vendors, how do you figure out which are important to you? We can help a little – everyone’s wedding (and budget) is different and has different must-haves. Keep reading to learn more about wedding videography, how it’s worth the investment, and why you’ll be so happy you got it.


But I Don’t Even Like Video, Why Would I Want it at My Wedding? 

Hey, that’s ok! Every person and every wedding is different. We get it. But are you sure? Before you decide where it falls on your priority list, take a look at some work online. Do a little research. See if there is anything out there that catches your eye. Wedding videography has changed a lot recently. There are a lot of great companies doing some very different stuff today. Ask your photographer whose work they admire and who they love working with. Ask your recently married friends what videographers they met with. If they didn’t get video ask them if they regret it (we’re betting they do.) At the very least, keep reading this article and learn a little more about it!

This Ain’t Yo Mama’s Wedding Video

Welcome to 2017! Video has come a long way since that gigantic camcorder your uncle had to prop up on his shoulder. The technology and equipment now is insane: HD streaming, motorized gimbals, tiny wireless lavalier microphones, not to mention the editing software and the color grading abilities, LUTs, logarithmic color mapping and – whoa, sorry. We almost geeked out a little too hard there. But really, it’s an awesome world and it’s changing and getting more amazing everyday. Even the style and creativity has received a 21st century make over. While you can still find classic styles, the doors have been opened and you’re bound to find something that you will love. These new technologies have also brought an easier ways to share and preserve video. Gone are the days of tapes, and even DVDs for some. Not to mention all the social media outlets to share, post, tag, and pin video for everyone you know to enjoy. Ask potential videographers what types of products and delivery methods they offer in this very digital and social world we live in. The good ones will have systems already in place to make it easier than ever to share films with every friend, follower, and family member.

The Moments Photography Can’t Cover

“What moments?” you say, “My photographer is awesome, she won’t miss a shot!” We have worked with some amazing photographers and we wholeheartedly agree. But it goes without saying, photos and videos are different. Some moments are captured so beautifully in a photograph and the same is true for video. The First Look reveal, your awesome dance moves, and the speeches? There are many times when video gives you so much more than a photo could. And like photography, video is one of the very few things that lasts beyond the wedding day. The goal of any good videographer is to tell your story. To create art through movement and music that resonates with you and your loved ones for years to come.

Regrets, I’ve Had a Few

Time and time again we hear the tale. Wedding videography gets pushed to bottom of your priority list to make way for other must-haves, therefore the potential budget set aside for video gets smaller and smaller. You start looking at bargain options that leave you with inexperienced people or lackluster deliverables, or you strike video from your vendor list all together, and… it becomes your biggest regret post wedding. Pittsburgh wedding blogger, Victoria Deardorff agrees, “Not hiring a professional video vendor for their wedding day is by far the most common regret I hear from my brides.” As the creator and owner of Burgh Brides, she’s heard a thing or two from both sides of the page. And she isn’t the only one we’ve heard these post wedding woes from. It takes a ton of effort to bring your wedding day to fruition, once the dust settles there are few things left to show for all that planning, to show all that love, all those laughs and tears, all that family together for one day. Every anniversary, every time you miss an old friend, or need the presence of a family member who’s since past, every time your kids ask what you, Grandpa, or Uncle Joey was like, wouldn’t you love to simply press play and relive the day? We can tell you the answer is yes, because one thing in common for all couples that hire the right wedding videographer: They never regret it.

So there’s our two cents. Did we convince you to make video a must have? Or even persuade you to investigate it a little further?  If so, find more information on fitting video into your wedding budget in our post: Why Hiring a Great Wedding Videographer is Worth Every Penny. Need more tips on wedding planning? Follow us on facebook and instagram for future blog posts. But for now, the best advice we can give to all couples planning a wedding: make it your own. It’s your wedding day, you may as well enjoy it more than anyone else!