12 Aug Nicholas & Briana – Cooksburg, PA


Wedding at Gateway Lodge

Nicholas and Briana have been together forever. Like “convince-dad-to-let-you-hang-out-with-a-boy-but-only-if-your-sister-chaperones” forever. Which makes their wedding day even more special and worth celebrating. So it’s easy to understand why the couple decided to gather their loved ones into a rustic lodge in the middle of Cook Forest for the nature filled wedding weekend.  They exchanged vows surrounded by staggering pines, beautiful weather, and their closest friends and family. Where do you go after marrying your longtime companion? Why on a honeymoon camping though the forest in your 50 year old orange pop top Volkswagen bus, of course!

Venue: Gateway Lodge
Photography: Whitling Photography
DJ: 2nd II None
Hair: Teaser Too Salon
Dresses: David’s Bridal