06 Jun Mary & Bart – Pittsburgh, PA


Wedding at Heinz Chapel
The color palette that these two chose for their wedding was bright, poppy yellows and whites, and we can see why. Mary and Bart’s energies radiated a love for life. A bridal party portrait session on a spinning carousel only exemplifies how love can make us feel young and free. It also offered the groomsmen the opportunity to spin each other as fast as humanly possible on the teacup seats, and we can’t say we weren’t egging them on. The reception hall was crowded in a sea of yellow flowers, black dresses and tuxedos, filled to the brim with Mary and Bart’s loved ones. Mary and Bart always go the extra mile for those they love, and the love was returned ten-fold with amazing speeches, surprise songs sung by the groomsmen, and so much dancing.  After showing off an elegant choreographed first dance, Mary & Bart celebrated a wedding day filled with love and a whole lot of laughter.

Venues: Heinz Chapel
Carousel: PNC Carousel
Transportation: Molly’s Trolleys
Photography: Annie O’Neill Weddings