04 Apr Great Wedding Videography: Why it’s Worth More of Your Wedding Budget Than You Think

Navigating through your wedding budget can seem like an endless obstacle course of sticker shocks, budget cuts, and unexpected expenses. When it all shakes out, it can be hard to determine what vendors make the cut.  If video is on your dream vendor list but you are artfully tracking every dollar, dime, and penny going through your wedding budget calculator, here’s some tips on navigating the wedding videography world, and why a good videographer is always worth it.

Never Underestimate an Experienced Professional

“My sister’s friend is studying film in college, she has a camera and will do it for a fraction of the cost!” While it seems like you might be getting a deal, or maybe even finding a loophole for fitting video into your budget, it usually ends up being one of the biggest regrets we hear (after not getting video at all.) When you’re in this industry, you get to talking with just about anyone about weddings.  Their wedding, their sister’s wedding, a wedding they just went to. So we get to hear a lot of stories from weddings past. The good, the bad, and of course the ugly. The worst experiences we’ve heard about video include the coverage being dicey, the shooter being unprofessional, or the bride and groom not even receiving a final product at all. The good experiences? No one ever regrets hiring a great videography vendor. In fact, most people say it surprised them as their favorite memento from their wedding day. If video makes the cut on your wedding must-haves, then our advice is find someone you can trust. Video is one of the very, very few things from your wedding day that will live on past the day itself.  If necessary, there are always ways to skim down wedding plans to get the handful of things you really care about on the big day.

What You See is What You Get

The proof is in the pudding, isn’t that what they say? Lucky for you the wedding videographers you look into should have extensive examples of their work. Take the time to look at it. Do you like their style? Read past client reviews. Listen to your photographer’s referrals. Maybe most importantly, schedule a meeting or a phone chat with your potential vendor. Do you get a good vibe? Are they easy to talk to? Do you feel like they understand you, your concerns, your wedding, and will they be a great asset on the day? Because that’s what it should feel like. At the same time they are not magicians. Like your photographer, us videographers can only capture what is there. If you didn’t get married at sunset on an Italian cliff side you won’t be seeing that golden hour in your video. But the right vendor will capture every laugh, dance, and teary-eyed speech that is present on your day. The more you can be yourselves and let the cameras blend into the background, the more natural the final product will be.

That Post Wedding Feeling

You come home, unpack your bags, go through the mail that has collected, and set that alarm bright and early to get back to work the next day. Your wedding is over. Your honeymoon is over. You are married! At first you feel relieved, all that planning and stress, all the workouts and dieting or nit-picking over tiny details… Done! And think about all that spare time you’re going to get back! But wait, that was the best day ever and it was a ton of work to bring to fruition, and now, it’s over, just like that? That cathedral length veil worn only during ceremony may have been exactly like the one in the magazine, the florist had those perfect peonies shipped in just in time for your August wedding, and sure it was so cool to ride away in that classic car, but there are only a few things you can look at years after your wedding day and remember exactly how it felt. Your images and album from the photographer will come and they will be amazing. But what now? What was that hilarious line in the Maid of Honor’s speech? Did Dad cry after giving away the beautiful bride? How did no one else notice crazy ole Aunt Bessy busting a move on the dance floor? She can barely walk! Great videographers see these moments and bring them to life for years to come. Decades later, every time you want to relive the day with your partner, see a dear family member again who has since past, or share the love of two crazy kids getting married with your two crazy kids, you’ll know it was worth the investment.

These are the concerns we hear the most, but you are the betrothed! What questions do you still have about wedding videography? How can we help make it a reality for you? Email us, we’d love to help! Want more wedding planning tips? Follow us on facebook and instagram for future blog posts.