26 Jun Christine & Bryce – Pittsburgh, PA


Wedding at St. Bernard Church
This couple wouldn’t let the devastation of Hurricane Harvey stop them from tying the knot. Houston native Bryce and his bride Christine were married at St. Bernard Church, surrounded by loving family and long-time friends. Everyone had a genuine love for each other, real bonds that surpassed any stress brought on by Mother Nature. Christine and her mother cracked us up all morning with their all-to-familiar mother-daughter banter. And Bryce’s groomsmen? They have basically been hanging around each other since birth, they have way too much dirt on each other and they know it. So when all five of them had no idea how to tie a bow tie? It was hilarious. Luckily, we were there to step in and get those bowties… tied. When the bridal party wasn’t watching Bill Nye bowtie tutorials, they were playing basketball through their portraits. It just goes to show that Christine and Bryce, and all of their loved ones, can make the most out of any situation.


Venue: St. Bernard Church & The Renaissance Hotel
Florals: Mt. Lebanon Foral
Photography: Amber Marie Photography