26 Jun Amanda & Travis – Louisville, OH


Wedding at Brookside Farm
Travis and Amanda’s wedding had to be outdoors, what with their love of nature. And what a perfect day for an outdoor ceremony; hot as all heck but not a cloud in the sky. Amanda, a spitfire through-and-through, thrives off of Travis’s kind nature and natural enthusiasm for life. I mean, they literally skipped down the aisle together. And the cake cutting? It was a no-holds-barred affair with enough smashing and smearing to have had an icing splash zone erected to warn guests. One of the best surprises for us was seeing the The Del Sinchak polka band from our native Youngstown, Ohio playing both the ceremony and cocktail hour — the same group who played at Nick’s parents’ own wedding decades ago! The entire day was a hot, wild ride of love, laughter, and total fun. 

Venues: Brookside Farm
Photography: Jason Thomas Crocker
Music: The Del Sinchak Band