Transplanted from Ohio by way of New York City, we have over a decade of experience tackling film projects together. We thrive in the energy of a shoot day and the challenge of an edit.

We care about personal connections, they fuel the creative process. We call Pittsburgh home, but our work takes us all around the globe. We love meeting people and finding the best way to capture their experiences and stories.

The Team

Meet Nick


Dog lover, film & video nerd, technical master. Firmly believes the best burgers come with a fried egg on top. Loves a hoppy IPA. Brews a mean cup of joe.

Meet Lisa


Creative by nature with a love for arts and crafts. Can name most of the state capitals. Just learned she likes Billie Eilish. Mean cup of joe brewing apprentice.

Meet Bertie


Studio canine, strong puppy experience. Dislikes cups of joe, prefers naps.